Our Mission

A tool to help manage your condition

SoundSleep is an app created by Passion For Life Healthcare (the makers of Snoreeze), and the University of Sheffield. The app detects snoring and breathing disruptions, producing useful reports and advice that can reduce your snoring.

Our mission to treat sleep-disordered breathing

SoundSleep is available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. There are no adverts or storage limits; nothing to pay later to continue using the app. We made it free to use so that we can learn more about snoring and sleep-disordered breathing. This will help us make better products to support people managing their condition. 

High tech, low risk

Other snoring apps record every sound made throughout the night, counting all sounds as “snores”. SoundSleep’s innovative machine-learning algorithm is trained to recognise the unique acoustic features of snoring and breathing disruptions. It doesn’t make an all-night recording; it just analyses the audio signal and reports the snoring and breathing sounds.

Big data, better healthcare

When you download the app, we won’t ask for your real name, or any personally identifiable information other than your email address. We’ll ask for some profile information – like age, height and weight – because we know these factors have an impact on snoring, and you may want to consider them as you manage your condition.

We anonymise the data from everyone who uses the app, and analyse it for insights that will help us improve it.

Developed collaboratively with users

In creating this app, we consulted with snorers, their bed partners and with healthcare professionals. First to understand what kind of features and data would be useful, and then to test prototype versions of the app throughout its development lifecycle. Their input significantly shaped its design and functionality. Only when our user testers were completely satisfied that the app was easy to use, simple to understand and effective at helping to manage snoring, did we make it available for everyone.

Something to keep in mind…

SoundSleep is a wellness app. It’s been developed by a company adhering to ISO 13485 standards (all the important stuff), and known for producing medical device products. Keep in mind that the information provided isn’t intended to be medical advice. For personalised guidance, consult your doctor.