Instructions For Use v.1.1.0 for SoundSleep v.2.0.0
Date: 3rd December 2020

Who is it for?

SoundSleep System is an iPhone app designed to be used by adults aged 18+ to help manage snoring.

Compatible devices

SoundSleep is compatible with iPhone 6S running iOS 13.4.1 or later.

Indications for use

SoundSleep is designed to help manage snoring by:

1) Detecting the occurrence and sound level of snoring.
2) Providing reports and suggestions to help you make snoring management decisions.
3) Providing support to help you use Snoreeze oral devices.
4) Directing you towards independent, third-party screening questionnaires to help assess your risk of having obstructive sleep apnoea.

Contraindications and warnings

This app has not been designed for use by children, nor has it been trained to recognise the sound of children’s snores. However there is negligible risk of harm from its use in any age group.

Although unlikely, it may be possible that by following in-app suggestions you experience pain from your oral device which is not improved by following further in-app suggestions to reduce it. In this case, you should disregard in-app suggestions and refer only to the instructions for use provided with the oral device.