Better sleep, better love: How to tackle snoring as a couple 

Snoring isn’t just a nuisance. It can be a genuine source of frustration and tension between partners. We’ve all been there: you’re finally ready to drift off into dreamland after a long day. But just as you start to doze off, you’re jolted awake by the unmistakable sound of your partner’s snoring.

It might feel hard to believe at 1am, but snoring isn’t something your partner does to intentionally ruin your sleep or annoy you. It’s often caused by lots of different factors; allergies, nasal congestion and sleep apnoea can all contribute. No matter the cause, snoring can seriously affect your relationship – and you may not even realise the full extent of it.

Your snoring isn’t just about you

It’s tempting to only focus on how you feel when it comes to your partner’s snoring. But there are big emotional and physical impacts on the snorer that you might not have considered. People who snore in relationships often harbour feelings of embarrassment, frustration, guilt and fear. They’re embarrassed their nightly noise isn’t attractive; they feel frustrated that they can’t seem to do anything about it; they feel guilty that their partner is unhappy; they’re scared their partner will become resentful and leave.

On top of this comes the physical impact: a disrupted sleep cycle, fatigue, decreased cognitive function, and a weakened immune system. Additionally, snoring is often the first indicator of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), which can cause serious health problems if left untreated.

These physical and emotional consequences can massively reduce a snorer’s quality of life. And while their feelings of diminished wellbeing and exhaustion are important to address, the feelings of the partner – your feelings – are just as valid.

Your partner might not realise the true depth of your despair. Feelings of resentment and emotional exhaustion are very common; so is grieving the loss of intimacy. More than anything, it’s often the impact of unresolved conflict that partners of snorers find so devastating. Arguments about snoring and not being able to sleep tend to fester, creating a cycle where you both feel unheard and emotionally disconnect.

So how do I navigate the topic of snoring?

Honest communication at a suitable time of day is the answer. Don’t jump on your partner as soon as they’ve woken up; wait until you’re both calm and ready to have an open conversation. Remember that it’s not about assigning blame or pointing fingers – it’s about finding solutions together as a team, because you’re both suffering from the impacts of snoring.

But how do we find a snoring solution?

Addressing the root cause of snoring is important. It’s no good buying earplugs or a white noise machine – the snoring is still happening, and it could be affecting your partner’s sleep (and more worryingly, their health).

Luckily, there’s a simple way to start the journey to better sleep for the both of you. SoundSleep is an app that tracks snoring and breathing disruptions. Free, nightly reports indicate possible snoring causes and factors. This helps you choose the type of product or solution that’s most suitable for your partner – and when they use it alongside the app, you’ll be able to track how well it’s working for them.

Created in partnership with world-leading AI experts, SoundSleep has been proven to decrease snoring, improve night-time breathing and decrease estimated sleep apnoea AHI levels.

Snoring can be frustrating, but with a little communication, compassion, and patience, you can tackle snoring together and emerge more connected than ever before. Don’t put off what you can start tonight – a great night’s sleep in the same bed is just around the corner.

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