National Stop Snoring Week

Are you a secret snorer? – National Stop Snoring Week

Estimated reading time: 5 mins. It’s our favourite week of the year – it’s finally National Stop Snoring Week. Did you know that only 59% of people are aware that they snore? When you don’t have a partner nudging you awake at 3am, it can be hard to know. If you’re sick of…
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World Sleep Day – better sleep is only an app download away

Tired of waking up in the morning just to want to go back to bed? There’s only so many times you can hit that snooze button. World Sleep Day is upon us, and this year’s theme is all about cashing in quality sleep for better mental and physical health. Getting a good night’s…
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Re-ignite your romance this Valentine’s Day

Are you feeling the love this Valentine’s Day? Or is the only love you’re feeling for your bed when your snoring partner isn’t beside you? If it’s the latter, then don’t worry – we’re here to re-ignite your romance.
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