World Sleep Day – better sleep is only an app download away

World Sleep Day – better sleep is only an app download away

Tired of waking up in the morning just to want to go back to bed? There’s only so many times you can hit that snooze button. World Sleep Day is upon us, and this year’s theme is all about cashing in quality sleep for better mental and physical health. Getting a good night’s sleep may not be at the top of your priority list, but there are a ton of ways it can benefit you.

Benefits to your mental health

Higher attention span

If you want to stay sharp and focused all day long, then sleep is key. No more spaced-out daydreaming; you’ll be able to make quick and well-informed decisions.

Maintain good relationships

Nobody likes a Negative Nancy. Peaceful sleep leads to a positive mood. And when you feel good, the people around you will likely mirror your energy.

Reduce stress levels

No sleep plus a high-pressure situation is a recipe for disaster. When you’re stressed, your body releases stress hormones such as cortisol. This can keep you awake at night, throwing you into a sleepless cycle.

Benefits to your physical health

Can increase athletic performance

Prepping for Paris 2024? Maybe you just enjoy a casual jog in the morning. Getting enough sleep can improve your muscle strength, endurance, and response time. It’ll also give you that motivation to get up and get active.

Helps you maintain or lose weight

In 2020, a study showed that adults who had less than 7 hours sleep had a 41% increased risk of obesity. Insomnia increases ghrelin levels, also known as the ‘hunger hormone’. This makes us feel hungry, and could lead to overeating.

Ready to start your journey to better sleep?

SoundSleep is a useful app that can help you get a better night’s sleep. People often crack jokes about snoring, but it can cause serious disruption to your (and your partner’s) quality of sleep. Studies have shown that partners of snorers are much more likely to have health problems than those without. And as for the snorer? If it’s a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), leaving it untreated can be dangerous.

The SoundSleep app records and tracks snoring, producing nightly reports to help you discover causes, factors and solutions.

It’s a super helpful way to track your sleep health journey, and lets you see a more rounded picture of why you might be snoring. You can also use the app alongside snoring relief products to monitor the difference that they’re making. To download SoundSleep from the Apple App Store, click here. To download from the Google Play Store, click here.


This World Sleep Day, make sleep a priority – you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

World Sleep Day is celebrated on 18th March 2022 with the theme ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’. To find out more about World Sleep Day, visit